All in 1 Handyman - Incomplete job

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In April, 2013, I engaged ALL IN ONE HANDYMAN (Richard Calkins, owner) to replace the facia and soffit on the front of my house in Loveladies, NJ. There were two price increases between an initial quote on the phone and the end of the job. I ended up paying him almost $100 an hour for his time. All that was left was to install three vents which were unavailable at the time. Calkins agreed to return to complete the job. I purchased the vents and requested he return. He stated he would not return unless he were paid an additional amount to install the vents. When I reminded him I had already paid him for a complete job, he hung up.

This is not the kind of contractor you want to deal with---ever!

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He is a shister and so is the owner of his company, Kim Puschel. He has such a bad reputation that he cannot even put his name on All In One becuase he would get no business.

he is notorious for raising the price after he gives you one.And as an added bonus, HIS WORK STINKS.

All in 1 Handyman - Double charge for same work

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All-in One-Handyman Services of Graham, WA is not to be trusted.

In 2009 they built a patio cover next to our sunroom. In 2010 the sunroom roof was leaking down the wall between paint & drywall. They supposedly repaired the problem (they said caused by skylight)charging us $2,400. for 3/4 of new roof, insulation, drywall & paint and removal of skylight.

Problem did not get solved. They laid a tarp on the roof, over the gutters, and left it that way for several months,saying they would call when a week of hot, sunny weather was predicted.

I had to finally call them.

They stretched the promised start date out for two weeks. Then said the job would only take 4 days. Three weeks later, they abandoned the job without cleaning up their mess and had the nerve to charge us another $2,000. for replacing both the patio roof they built, the sunroom roof and wall they had already replaced.

Now they won't provide us with a receipt for the $2,000.

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